Upstanding Citizen


Digital Innovation Design| Spring 2012

Collaborative Project


Upstanding Citizen: Posture Coach (Working title)


Create a web app for smartphones that incorporates a Natural User Interface (NUI) and solves a real world problem. Collaborate with students from other programs to create a unique product that provides a platform to pair the physical world with the cyber world to make real change.


Upstanding Citizen; Using the acellerometers located within today’s smart phones, Upstanding Citizen is a web application that measures the angle at which a user’s spine is aligned. Giving real time feedback through audible direction, Upstanding Citizen acts as a coach to help keep perfect posture through every day activites. Standing, Sitting, Working, or playing, Upstanding Citizen, with it’s innovative strap, would attach to the human body securely and train the user to maintain proper posture to enhance back health. Utilizing Local Storage, the progress of the user would be tracked, making Upstanding Citizen a great tool and ally for medical professionals like Occupational Therapists, Care givers, Orthopaedic specialists and Chiropractors.

Technologies to be explored:

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, JSON


Easy app to create. Have resources at my disposal for information regarding back health (Philadelphia University’s Occupational Therapy program, Philadelphia University’s Textile design Program.


guarantee of measurement accuracy of the product.


Three words; Bad Backs Rampant. How many Americans suffer from chronic back pain? According to the American Chiropractic Association we’re looking at about 31 million people.


native App... Upright. Fits right into a shirt pocket. $2.99. native App... Posture screen. uses images to accumulate data about a person’s posture. $7.99 LumboBack. an app that requires a specially designed blue tooth patch to communicate with the app. App costs 5.99. price for bluetooth patch unknown.


Upstanding Citizen